The most popular ice cream flavor is vanilla. When I worked at Holsteins (where the final scene of The Sopranos was shot) we had three tubs of vanilla, two of chocolate, and just one of every other flavor. Vanilla is easy to sell. When it comes to Real Estate most Realtors can sell vanilla, but it takes a special agent to sell cherry vanilla or rum raisin, and a superhero to sell rocky road. I’m Alec, Team Leader, Broker, and Founder of the A-Team Home Heroes.

My specialty is finding your home’s superpower and helping you share the story to find the perfect buyer. I love working with first-time buyers and navigating them through the process. It is a milestone and marks the beginning of building their wealth and preparing for the future.

Before my career in real estate, I was a journalist and a communications consultant. I helped build websites at a time when people didn’t understand what they were or if they were necessary. In the late 1990s, I was fascinated by the ides of Smart Homes and wanted to develop them. Unfortunately, at the time they were cost-prohibitive and only one person had one – Bill Gates. Needless to say, 24+ years later, those smart features are just starting to become mainstream!

I love spending time with my family. I live with my wife Joyce, son Spencer, daughter Abigail, who is a sophomore at Wharton, and Yorkshire Terrier Skipper. I love a good NY Times Crossword Puzzle, Running, Sailing, Playing Contract Bridge, and Rooting for the New York Yankees.