Hi! I’m Brittany Dormey, I come to the A-Team Home Heroes from Ohio but my heart has since been sold to the city of brotherly love. I moved to the area about 10 years ago and fell in love with my husband, Jeff, who is a builder. His passion is to help people find or build their dream home. Since I am in sales a Real Estate Agent, we joke about how our collective skills make us the dream team. We live in Chester County with our daughter Marceline, who keeps us busy and teaches us to appreciate all the little moments in life.

Every morning we get a fresh start and I always have hope it’s going to be a great day. Early birds run in my family, my grandma was also a morning person and I still cherish our AM chats, a tradition I hope to carry on with Marceline. Quality time in my family means hiking trips, where I am always inspired by the beauty of nature. In the city, however, my favorite hotspot is Talulas Garden and Boathouse Row. I especially love Boathouse Row because it was the first sight I saw here when I moved from Ohio.

Planning and going on trips to experience the world is my favorite thing to do. If I had a Superpower, I would want to fly like a bird so I could see all the sights while skipping out on airfare of course. One of my most memorable trips was a visit to Brazil during Carnival, it was an amazing experience of culture and traditions. Ultimately, my goal is to travel somewhere new each year, experience a ride in a hot air balloon, and purchase a home internationally.

My favorite part about helping my clients is when we submit the first offer and the excitement and nerves roll all into one. Or when we change ownership at the settlement table and exchange stories. I love learning new things about my clients and I can’t wait to meet you!