Hi, I’m Rob. I live in Marple-Newtown with my beautiful wife Kelly and son Hudson. Coming home to his smiling face is absolutely the best part of my day.

Growing up, culture was a major part of my every-day life. Both my mother and father emigrated from Poland at very young ages. As a result, I’ve spent a great deal of time overseas visiting and connecting with my remaining family. My father uprooted his entire life to come to America when he was only 22 with nothing to his name. The fact that he was able to provide the life that he did for his family keeps me pushing every day to be more like him.

I’m a huge Philly sports fan and especially love our hometown Phillies. Besides watching and rooting for our teams as a fan, I do my best to continue playing as much as possible. You can oftentimes find me with my buddies at Xfinity Live enjoying the games, however, making it out to Fenway Park for a game is still a dream of mine.

While working on my MBA from Villanova, a colleague of mine introduced me to several Real Estate courses offered within the program that he thought might be interesting. After a few semesters, I knew I wanted to embark on a career in the field. As part of my studies, I was fortunate enough to be a contestant in the MIT Real Estate Case Competition. My team and I were selected as finalists to travel to London to pitch our idea for a site plan redevelopment. This experience drove me to sign on with a commercial Real Estate broker to kick off my career. Despite my continued desire to work in the commercial space, evolving circumstances in my life required me to shift my focus to residential.

I’ve always been keen on numbers and analytics. I focused on that affinity throughout my collegiate career and the hard work eventually landed me a full-time Financial Analyst role with SAP America. Along the way, I decided to obtain my Real Estate license to facilitate transactions for investment properties not only for myself but also for my friends and colleagues. I have actively been helping clients buy and sell properties since 2014, and I hope to increase my volume in the years to come.

My clients know that my persistence and inquisitiveness allow me to find creative solutions to complex problems experienced throughout the selling process.